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Our best-selling QuickPrompt teleprompter is the most affordable, high-quality teleprompter available today. Weighing only a couple pounds, the QuickPrompt can be folded up and carried with you in your backpack or briefcase. We use only the finest optical-grade mirrors, using nanotechnology to allow you to record in flawless HD quality with your camcorder. In addition, we include free teleprompter software, which is intuitive to use and can be learned in minutes. We also sell teleprompter tables & scroll wheels to expand the capabilities of the QuickPrompt.


Use with your LCD or laptop computer. All you have to do is place it on top, and position a camera behind it, and you’re all set to start recording.

  • Does the exact same thing as more expensive teleprompters at a fraction of the cost.
  • Easy setup-place the teleprompter on your LCD monitor or laptop screen.
  • Free teleprompter software included.
  • Works great with any standard or high definition camcorder, and many types of webcams.
  • Can be used on any ordinary table. If you prefer standing, we also sell Speech Teleprompters.
  • Includes professional quality glass teleprompter mirror with rounded corners. High definition compatible. compatible.
  • Quantity discounts are available if you want to buy more than one.
  • Teleprompters are in stock and shipped immediately.
  • Fully assembled. Includes framed teleprompter mirror, black cloth hood, L-brackets, teleprompter software, and instructions.
  • Product is backed by a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use blocks of wood or some books that are the same thickness as your laptop to prop the unit’s sides up so it rests above your 15” laptop screen. We include DIY Instructions showing you how to prop up the Quickprompt for use with a laptop that does not open completely flat.

You don’t need to adjust the angle of the QuickPrompt mirror. The angle has already been calculated to give you the optimum reflection of text from your laptop screen. The only thing you should have to do is drive in the set screw provided for you to set up your unit for use.

The shroud on the QuickPrompt is easily removed and completely customizable. If, after viewing your recording, it appears that you may need to block out more light, you can use a towel or other dark cloth to drape over the existing one. The shroud is also completely removable and the configuration can be changed to accommodate your camera needs. Be aware of the lighting in the room in which you are recording and try not to light your subject from behind the QuickPrompt. Sometimes use of strong overhead fluorescent lights may leak through the shroud cloth. Be sure to direct your lighting more toward the subject and not into the shroud on the back of the unit. Most cameras will self adjust to the room lighting and record images through the mirror glass very well, so long as it is not aimed at the rear of the unit.

A person with average eyesight can comfortably sit or stand up to 16 feet away from a 17” QuickPrompt, or up to 20 feet from either of the Presidential models and still be able to read the text clearly. You can stand even further away from the prompter if you enlarge the font size of the text on your monitor screen and use fewer words per line of text. A person can stand as far away as 20 or 25 feet from a 24” QuickPrompt using a large text format.

There is nothing on the QuickPrompt that needs to be plugged in. Our QuickPrompt teleprompters work using a specialized reflective glass that is set to a 45 degree angle. The image from below the glass bounces off the glass, like a billiard shot, and reflects into the eyes of the reader in front of the Teleprompter.

We include MirrorScript teleprompter software with all our Quickprompt and Presidential Teleprompters Insert the CD into your computer’s CD drive and follow the instructions for installation.

The text that you enter into the prompter software will scroll with a keyboard, mouse, or USB scroll wheel. We offer the Griffin PowerMate for sale on our website, which can be set to control the scrolling speed in which you feel most comfortable reading.

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