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Our most versatile, highest quality teleprompter is finally available at an unbeatable price. The telescoping PTX14GS Presidential Teleprompter is lightweight, and can be disassembled and easily carried with you. We use only the finest optical-grade mirrors, using a dielectric nano coating to allow the maximum amount of light to pass through. In addition, we provide free teleprompter software, which can be learned in minutes and used on any PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet. Using the included black hood, you can record straight through the mirror or remove it to record from any other angle.

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    • Record video straight through the mirror by attaching the cloth hood. Works flawlessly with high definition camcorders.
    • Product assembles in seconds, and includes everything you need: telescoping stand, beam splitter mirror, and teleprompter software.
    • Height is quickly and fully adjustable. The stand works for people of all heights.
    • The exact same functionality as much more expensive teleprompters–save money by buying direct from us, the manufacturer!
    • Easy setup–simply place a camera on a tripod behind it, and a LCD monitor or laptop under it.
    • Teleprompter software included. Supports multiple size fonts, adjustable speed, and wireless control with a mouse or keyboard.
    • Includes professional quality glass teleprompter mirror with rounded corners. High definition compatible.
    • Backside of the glass has an anti-reflective coating which prevents the speaker from seeing a double image.
    • Teleprompters are in stock and shipped immediately.
    • Backed by a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy.

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PTX14GSPresidential Speech Teleprompter$499.95YesAdd to Cart
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14GS-ClipClip Only (no mirror or stand)$149.95YesAdd to Cart
14GS-Mirror14"x14" Teleprompter Mirror (Mirror Only)$194.95YesAdd to Cart
14GS-Hood14"x14" Cloth Hood & Clips$29.95YesAdd to Cart
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