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TeleKast is your means for creative communication. It is an application you can use for your school, church or any organization which needs features like a script editor and teleprompter. Basically, you first create a script and then you can use it for just about anything. Broadcast journalism, whether in a school or professional television studio, can benefit from the built in teleprompter. The scripts could also be used for purposes such as interviews, feature stories or someone reading when standing in front of a crowd.

Please let us know how we can make TeleKast work for you by submitting a feature request, or contributing to the users forum if you need technical support. And, finally, if you find a bug, please report it so we can fix it.


  • Full-Screen Teleprompter
  • Script Editor
  • Mirrored Screen Text
  • Script-able Cues
  • Customizable Font Size and Color
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Rich-Text Formatting
  • Multi-Monitor Friendly
  • Cross-Platform
UpdatedMay 9th, 2013
Free Trial Periodforever
RequirementsWindows, MAC OSX or Linux
Product PageTeleKast
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Simple is the key to Prompt! as it scrolls text, either mirrored or not and has simple word processing functions (like cut, copy, paste and whatever you decide to type from within the program). Text can be imported and exported to and from the application in the standard .txt format as well as saved with a native Prompt! .pmt format. Try out the lite version before you buy.

Prompt! saves its own file format so you can import text for the talent to read and then adjust the settings and then give the application and the file to your on-camera person to practice at their leisure in their own environment regardless of platform, either Macintosh or Windows. The scrolling settings you make stay with the file.

Key Features

  • Text can be imported and exported
  • Simple text editing is available
  • Native files can be saved
  • User customizable controls
  • Macintosh or Windows playback
  • Choose font and font size
  • Mirrors text display on screen
  • Mouse or keyboard control
  • Unicode support
  • Multiple resolutions, multiple monitors
  • Easy to use
  • Timer/progress indicator


  • Unicode/Multi-language support (flipped/unflipped or unflipped/unflipped).
  • More resolution choices
  • Dual display support
  • New graphics and code engine
  • Universal binary that runs on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.
  • Mac OS X10.8 support
  • Larger font sizes and font choice
  • Optional black background
  • Preferences can be saved and/or reset
  • Type justification (Left, Center or Right)
UpdatedAugust 2011
Current Version7.5
RequirementsWindows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8;
Product PagePrompt!
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While PromptDog truly is the world’s easiest software teleprompter (no expensive teleprompter hardware is required to get started), this tool alone has the features to grow with you as your productions grow in sophistication:

  • Smooth Quiet Scrolling
  • Adjust prompter speed with mouse scroll wheel, up/down arrow keys, laptop trackpad or compatible remote controls!
  • Pause & Restart
  • Pause and restart prompter at same scroll speed (via space bar or remote).
  • Quick Rewind
  • Super fast mouse wheel rewind to back up a few lines for rapid re-takes.
  • QuickSearch
  • Instantly jump to a specific word or phrase in both the script editor and operator window.
  • International Languages Updated!
  • UTF8 unicode support for non English languages and special characters.
  • Change Display Settings
  • Control text size, font, line spacing and invert black text on white background directly from the
  • main operator window.
  • Save Settings New!
  • Save your settings at the end of a session and PromptDog will automatically restore those settings at the start of your next session.
  • ezEdit
  • Make on-the-spot script revisions with the ‘always available’ script edit button.
  • Colorize Text
  • Easily colorize specific sections of your script to emphasize specific words or designate different segments for multiple speakers.
    Second Talent Window
  • Optional second display for sessions with seperate operator and talent. Perfectly synchronized and resizable.
  • Mirrored Text
  • One click text reversal for use with professional and DIY hardware alike. Displayed via an optional second talent monitor, the reversed text will appear normal when reflected off beamsplitter glass placed directly in front of the camera.
  • Adjustable Eyeline Indicator
  • Click ‘n’ drag eyeline indicators on left, right or both. Transparency adjustable and automatically mirrored in second monitor.
Free Trial Period10 days
RequirementsWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, 8 or 10;
Product PagePromptDog
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CAN Prompter is a teleprompting application for MacOSX and Windows. It allows you “prompt” regular text files or script files created with CAN Script on up to three screens. It allows you to manage a list of separate files that will be displayed in order. You can speed up, pause or slow down the prompting rate. You can change the running order while prompting or loop the list for practice.

CAN Prompter is really designed for computers with two or more monitors, though it will run on a single screen. Each output can be configured as b/w or w/b and/or mirrored output. In a television studio the second monitor is usually attached to an NTSC/PAL video output and sent to the cameras so the talent can read the copy, but you could also just take the standard VGA/DVI out of your graphics card and distribute that.

Free Trial Periodunlimited free verison
Price$60 for license
Current Version2.1.25
RequirementsWindows XP or newer;
or Linux
Product PageCAN Prompter

Script-Q is the premier teleprompter program for the most demanding professional teleprompting uses. It has many studio teleprompter uses, such as radio, television, and multimedia production; business/government presentations; student audio-visual classes, video-blogging, and videoconferencing. Podcasters are already serving up Web-delivered audio and video content with custom narration supported by Script-Q, and even church choirs have found great success utilizing the Script-Q Prompter Software to help parishioners follow along with songs and hymns.

Script-Q Prompter Software (also called teleprompter software or autocue software) has many studio prompter applications, such as radio and television production, business/government presentations, and videoconferencing. Church choirs have also found great success utilizing the Script-Q Prompter Software to help parishioners follow along with songs and hymns. Additionally, new age podcasters are serving up web-delivered audio and video content with custom narration supported by Script-Q Prompter Software.

The newest version has been improved with a revised interface and more streamlined functioning; both the Basic and Advanced versions have been upgraded to offer new features as well, and a third version for professionals has been devised to include the most features of any Script-Q product to date.

Script-Q is available in three versions in order to suit any application or budget.

Script-Q Professional has an extensive feature set and is designed for the most demanding professional applications. It offers dual screen support, importing of Word™ documents, spell checker, or the support of multiple fonts in multiple sizes. If you are an everyday user of teleprompters, this is the version for you.

Script-Q Advanced offers all the features of the Basic version plus support for dual screen use. This version is a favorite among our educational clients and small businesses.

Script-Q Basic has all the standard features you would expect, a built-in word processor, the ability to import .txt and .rtf files, adjustable screen size, and much more. The Basic version is perfect for the occasional user, teleprompters that can flip the screen using hardware or for budget applications.

To try Script-Q free — download our 15-day Free Trial Version.

Free Trial Period15 days
Price$150-$350 single user
$500-$1,000 5 users
Current Version5.0.14
RequirementsWindows XP or newer;
Product PageScriptQ


Presentation Prompter helps you deliver successful presentations. It is built for anyone who has ever used cue cards or read from a script.

Scroll content smoothly on one screen or two. Optionally flip the script only on the other screen if you’re using a mirror enclosure. Teleprompter operators see exactly what the talent sees on their own screen, resulting in better communication between the operator and talent. Accommodate any speaking rate or text size with precision speed controls using your keyboard, trackpad, or a dedicated remote.

Adjust Presentation Prompter for your needs. Maintain your reading position with an adjustable focus arrow. Minimize talent eye movement with one-click margins. An on-screen clock and remaining time estimate help you stay within your allotted time. Don’t worry about accidental edits, screen saver activation, or other interferences while prompting.

Write and modify scripts in a dedicated editing environment — there’s no need to use a separate app. Highlight speaker names, use a special style for difficult-to-pronounce words, and space lines perfectly to make them easier to read. You can use any combination of fonts, colors, and spacing for readability and emphasis. Make use of existing content and import anything in Microsoft Word, RTF, or other common file formats.

Use bookmarks to navigate a large script or rehearse specific parts. You can mark a section of interest and jump to it instantly from the bookmarks menu. Find the right spot by naming the bookmarks and seeing live previews of the nearby text.

Free Trial Periodunlimited
Pricefree, $99.00
RequirementsMAC OS X
Product PagePresentation Prompter


Teleprompter is a fluid script editing and prompting application useful in not only in video or television, but also in presentations and speeches. The application keeps all the script editing and prompting in one, simple, easy to use, yet powerful document based solution. Teleprompter implements “Groups” which allows you to control up to four groups of scripts all from one computer, and allows the script to be edited while it is in motion, for last-second edits. Overlay and timeline features help you concentrate on your script and keep it at the right pace. It can be remotely controlled using an iPhone or iPod Touch and the “Teleprompter Controller” app available on the iPhone App Store, or from another Mac running Teleprompter.

Innovative features of teleprompter include:
• Smooth Animation
• Adjustable Speed
• Groups (Allows for easy control of multiple scripts)
• Rich Text Formatting
• Adjustable Background Color
• Fullscreen Mode
• Vertical or Horizontal Flip (for use with mirrors)
• Live Editing (Editing while script is moving)
• Remote Control From iPhone or iPod Touch
• OS X Lion fullscreen and resume compatibility
• Overlay, custom image over your script to allow for better concentration
• Timeline, to pace script movement
• Completely adjustable speed, speed-changing keyboard shortcuts
• Open and saving to word documents
• Direct Mac-to-Mac remote control
• Apple Remote control
• Pre-print adjustments, flip text or change background and text colors before printing
• .telep Teleprompter file format, that saves overlay and timeline settings, in addition to text

Teleprompter Controller is available here.

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iReview is an easy-to-use App that combines a auto scroll / flip teleprompter and a video recorder.

iReview is ideal for making video reviews, YouTube videos, presentations, lectures, and even video messages.

With iReview, shooting videos using iSight camera has never been easier and more efficient. Reading from the teleprompter, you can be just like a TV anchor, reading your script. You will appear much more confident, fluent and professional in your videos, eliminating all those annoying and embarrassing “uh”s and “um”s.

(new features added see below)
Independent, movable, and re-sizable windows for both the Teleprompter and the Recorder;
The teleprompter can display pictures and PDF’s in addition to rich text;
Saved video files are perfectly balanced in size and quality;

Version History:
v1.11 -> v1.33
1.force to display the scrollbar at ANYTIME window color can be freely changed
3.add about window
4.add technical support menu link

v1.33 -> v1.50
Major upgrade version
– stable automatic scroll with speed control added;
– beep sound added for rec/stop/flip/scroll functions;
– change “About” menu’s command to command shift a;

v1.50 -> v2.00
features added according to user’s review and feature request:
– add option user can select different video and audio input devices from Preferences menu
– control key panel separated from teleprompter window
– position and size of teleprompter, VCR, control key window can be fully adjusted now
– scroll speed easy stepper control
– add Preferences, Upgrade and Support submenu
– add option reset all interface to default position and size
– add option auto save user interface settings
– add dock menu
– add feature request menu
– add more by dragonBTV menu and panel
– more detailed technical support email templet
– more detailed feature request email templet
– fix maximize button of teleprompter window
– introduction added

Download here.

Flip Mac Window Utility

Turn any Mac program into a mirror image.

We have written a simple but powerful utility that will mirror any window on your Mac with a hotkey. This allows you to use your favorite software as a teleprompter, such as MS Word, PowerPoint, or any text editor or web browser.

Instructions: First, run the utility, then switch to any program you want to create a mirror image of. Press the control-option-command-M hotkey and it will flip. Press the hotkey again to switch back to normal.

» Download Mac Utility (0.2 MB)