UltraMon Software

Use UltraMon software to create a mirror image

UltraMon software works in Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000, and allows you to flip your screen to a mirror image. This will allow you to:

1. Flip your entire screen to a mirror image. Use any software, including PowerPoint, with a teleprompter. This is an easy way to flip your slides automatically, without having to manually flip them in a photo editing program.

To get started, first you need to download the UltraMon software from Realtime Soft. They offer an unlimited free 30-day demo, which will allow you to try out all the features without restrictions. You will also need to download our teleprompter software from our main page. Once you have installed UltraMon, you can right click on the program icon in the your Windows Taskbar and select Mirroring then Settings. The program will then guide you through all the steps and options to setup your monitors.

2. Setup multiple monitors for a speech, where one of them is mirrored and the other is normal. To access the UltraMon menu, right click on the UltraMon icon in your tray (see picture to right).

If you decide this works well for you, the UltraMon software only costs $40 and is a much less expensive way of doing mirroring than other software and hardware on the market. Plus, it works far better than other solutions.