Free and easy-to-use prompter software for all operating systems.

Install PowerMate Software

1. Plug PowerMate into USB port.
2. Install the PowerMate software off your CD or download it off our website. Our teleprompter CDs have the following folders:

If you are on a PC, you need to install the following file:

Configure PowerMate Software

Once you have installed the PowerMate software installed, run the program from your start menu and you will see the following screen:

Click on PowerMate 1 to configure it.

Click on Global Setting to see the current settings.

Click on “Raise System Volume” to reconfigure the clockwise action.

Using the drop down menu, click “Volume Up” and select “Send Keys”

Click on the text box next to Keys and press the “+” button on your keyboard. You should see “Oemplus” appear in the text box. This programs the PowerMate to press the + button on your keyboard while you turn it clockwise.

Repeat with the counter-clockwise action, this time have it send the “-” key to the software.

You are now ready to use MirrorScript 3.2 with the PowerMate. When the text starts scrolling when using MirrorScript 3.2, simpy turn the PowerMate slightly clockwise to speed up, counter-clockwise to slow down.