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Our free teleprompter software is easy to learn, has high contrast text, scrolls smoothly, has adjustable speed options, and can handle long scripts. The autocue text can be flipped to a mirror image so that when you view it off a mirror, it appears normally.

dv Prompter is a full function teleprompter scripting application suitable for Android devices. Used standalone the app can be used with the expanding range of wired, wireless and Bluetooth remote controllers. Combined with the Datavideo TP-100, 200, 300, 500 and 600 range of teleprompters, your Android device is mounted on or off-camera in a professional rig. All hardware products are available from the global network of Datavideo resellers which can be found from the splash screen at the start of the app.

UpdatedMay 25, 2014
Current Version1.2.6
Requires Android2.2 and up
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Teleprompter Pro is the professional teleprompter system for your Android phone and tablet.
Features include:

  • Unlimited scripts
  • Script import from text file
  • Mirror mode (for use in teleprompter rigs)
  • Full screen mode
  • Remote control via bluetooth keyboard
  • Font and Background colour selection
  • Delete scripts
  • Adjust the speed of the teleprompter
  • Adjust the text size
  • In app brightness control
  • Teleprompter Pro is a great AutoCue style app for presentations, lectures, broadcasters, filmmakers, musicians & singers, business professionals, or any public speaking!

    UpdatedJune 14, 2015
    Sizevaries with device
    Current Versionvaries with device
    Requires Androidvaries with device
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    Easy teleprompter script scrolling app with optional reflection for use with mirrors and a high contrast invert mode for automatically converting black-on-white content to white-on-black.
    Use one of the following methods to load your script into the viewer:

  • Open a script file located on your SD card (.TXT or .HTML ONLY)
  • Upload your script to a webpage, then enter the URL
  • Open the script on the phone from any app that has a “Send to” or “Share” option (.TXT or .HTML ONLY)
  • Click the play button at the bottom to start the scroll, then tap anywhere on the screen to stop it.
  • Easily adjust the scroll rate, re-load new scripts or toggle on/off the mirror and invert modes using the menu.
  • Can also be used as an auto-scrolling web text reader
  • UpdatedOctober 23, 2013
    Current Version1.8
    Requires Android2.1 and up
    Product PageGoogle Play

    This Parrot Teleprompter companion app is easy to use, and has all the top requested features turning your smartphone into a high end professional teleprompter.
    Here are just a few things you can do with the Parrot Teleprompter app:

  • Scroll scripts in landscape, portrait, and mirrored mode
  • Control the scroll speed from the main scroll page
  • Change fonts, text size, and more
  • Adjust the foreground and background colors for easy visibility
  • Directly type and edit your scripts within the app or connect to you cloud storage
  • Remote control functionality (With additional Parrot Teleprompter remote accessory)
  • Unlimited number of scripts
  • Loop setting an more to simplify your production
  • The Parrot Teleprompter is the world’s most portable and affordable teleprompter! At less than 4.5″ cubed you can take it anywhere you need to film your next video. If you have ever tried to memorize lines for a video, then you know how challenging it can be.
    Teleprompters display a script in front of the camera so the actor can read their lines and maintain eye contact with the audience.
    Until now teleprompters have been reserved for large budget productions often costing thousands of dollars each. The Parrot teleprompter is a professional quality teleprompter at an affordable price that still delivers a professional quality experience.
    Combined with virtually any smartphone, the Parrot teleprompter will take any script and scroll it in front of you so you no longer need to worry about what to say on camera.
    It’s innovative design removes all the unnecessary components which allows you to mount the Parrot teleprompter directly to a standard DSLR or digital camcorder lens.
    It’s compact size makes it easy to throw in your camera bag and take it wherever you go for your next interview, on location news report, documentary, video blog, podcast, corporate video, video tutorial, or speech.

    UpdatedMay 21, 2015
    Current Version1.0.01
    Requires Android2.1 and up
    Product PageGoogle Play