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We redesigned our MirrorScript teleprompter software from square one to improve it in every way. It scrolls incredibly smoothly, has many different speed options, and can handle longer scripts. You can customize the text of your speech to any easy-to-read size and colors you want.

Not only is our software still free, but it's actually better than most of the expensive programs on the market. Don't waste your money, download our spyware-free teleprompter software today! If you like our software, please consider supporting our company by linking us on your website or purchasing one of our affordable Teleprompter
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We make it incredibly easy to get started delivering your speech with your teleprompter. All you have to do to get started is copy & paste your text right into the program window, or use it as a text editor to create your speech from scratch. You can do mirror image text with the software so that when it starts scrolling, the reflection in your beam splitter mirror reverses it back to normal text. Best of all, unlike many of the other, expensive software packages out there, our free teleprompter software scrolls smoothly, without any sort of jerky motion. We offer four versions of our software, the latest being v4.0. The other versions are alternatives just in case you have any trouble getting v4.0 to work on your system.

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     » Download MirrorScript v3.2 (0.2 MB) Instructions

     » Download MirrorScript Pro (0.8 MB) Instructions

     » Download MirrorScript Basic (0.8 MB) Instructions

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